Catalog curated by:

Taru Muhonen

Raphaël de Courville

Acknowledgements for suggesting missing techniques:

kazik: XOR-fractal, domain warping, brownian motion, chromatic aberration, edge detection, semantic segmentation

Satellite_of_love: fourier transforms

MetaMuscat: Generative Neuronal Networks

Saty Raghavachary: Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction, request to add Shadertoy to learning resource

Scott Draves: Fractal flames

Johan Karlsson: Particles

Johan Karlsson & Gonzalo Zaragoza: Delaunay triangulation

K.Chplr: ConvChain, Poisson-Disc Sampling, Markov Chains

Thomas Jourdan: Suggestions related to L-systems (Book suggestion: The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants) Tutorial suggestion: space colonization in Javascript

Patricio Gonzales Vivo: Random + more Book of Shaders tutorials

Artwork authors & sources credited on their respective pages! 🙂